Installation Guide

To install the granite tiles is not that hard, you can just follow this 12 easy-to-follow steps instruction guide.

After opening up the box of the tiles, please Confirm the tile pattern, tile size and it’s color type, pave the same ones on the same part, not mix to pave different ones on the part (except for obtaining special Decoration effect on purpose).
To create the best decoration effect, we should notice to array the tiles according to its arraying style, pay attention to the direction of pattern tiles, and clean up the walls or floors before paving.
To pre-array the tiles, we should first make two vertical lines on the ground, and check the horizontal level with horizontal rule, check the vertical level with a weight.
Commend to use 325# cement to pave piece tiles, use 425# cement or the mixture of the mixture of cement and tile strengthening agent to firmly cement block tiles, and moist piece tiles before paving it (not in clouding others).
To avoid surrounding because of the difference of ceramics heat swelling factors and concrete heat swelling factors, confirm the lines and keep ash slot according to the tile sizes: 3mm (for external wall tiles), 1.5mm (for interior wall tiles), 3-5mm (for floor tiles), 5-15mm (for imitating stone tiles).
In the process of files paving, apply sticky slurry to fill the tile slots and then slick its surface, especially for the external wall tiles, or apply color fillings to fill them according to customers need.
To pave main wall corners, use proper Doses of sticky slurry and level it. Keeping it at a thickness of about 1cm, and then put one piece of tile on it, and gently hammer it with a wooden hammer to confirm the cohering and horizontal or vertical level of tile surfaces and edges.
In the process of tiles paving, often strike the tiles with the hammer handle to confirm its stickiness.
In one hour, clean up in time the excessive cement and other wastes on the paved tiles.
In twelve hours, check if there is surrounding parts under the paved tiles with a hammer, if there is, re-pave it.
In twenty-four hours, you can step and completely wash it with clean water and cleaning agent and a beautiful tile-decorated wall or floor will before you!
Not use the tiles if you question the tiles qualities or fell unsatisfactory, and immediately contacted with the loaded dealers or our factory.